Jewelry Appraisal & Insurance


Need a written Appraisal for your jewelry; for personal or insurance needs?  Every Tuesday we have an independant
certified appraiser in the store to appraise your item or items. You can schedule an appointment and meet with him 
personally, he will provide verbal information that day. Later you will receive a full write up with pictures in the mail.
If you do not have time to meet with him you can drop it off prior to tuesday and we will have it taken care of for you. 

Call for pricing and to schedule your appointment today! 407-644-4824

*If you are unsure of what you have and just need a verbal appraisal? You can stop by anytime, any of our associates can assist you.


If you are looking to insurance your jewelry, we recommend contacting Jewelers Mutual for a quote.  They provide great
coverage for your personal jewelry at great prices.  They can cover items at 100% which can include repairs or a loss of a stone, etc. They have different options available to choose from!

You can view their webpage at the below link or stop by Majestic and we can provide a full brochure with information!
See there website: